Noxious Weeds

Noxious weeds are a serious problem in our area. Many don’t realize that what appears to be an attractive looking plant in the yard is really an invasive noxious weed capable of growing rapidly throughout the subdivision and beyond and displacing native vegetation. The City of Whitefish, Flathead County and the State of Montana require owners to control noxious weeds. Also, it is the policy of the Suncrest Homeowners Association to confirm local and state laws are followed. Please control noxious weeds on your property or ask for help as soon as possible. 

What do noxious weeds look like? 

Spotted knapweed 


Canada Thistle 

Frequently asked questions 

Flathead County Weed Control District professionals can assist in identifying noxious weeds on your property. 

The association caretaker is only responsible for weed control on common areas, but can be hired for a fee to perform weed mitigation on private property.