For security concerns, contact the Whitefish Police Department at 863-2024 or dial 911 for emergencies. 

During the summer, Alert Security (telephone 257-7168) is hired to periodically confirm that persons at the beach are authorized to be there based on a list compiled by Suncrest. Please identify yourself if asked by a guard. Unauthorized persons will be arrested for trespassing. The list of authorized users is maintained based on key delegation forms. For non-owners, the key owner must have submitted a key delegation form to the caretaker in order to be considered an authorized user. An authorized user must be present, or if temporarily separated from guests, the guests at the beach must remain in possession of the authorized users numbered key and be able to present it to security. 

Suncrest participates in the city’s Neighborhood Watch Program. Communities with active Neighborhood Watch Programs typically experience substantially fewer burglaries, etc. If you suspect a crime in progress or see evidence of a past crime, please contact the police.