The City of Whitefish provides one central location for drop off recycling at the northwest corner of Columbia Avenue & Railway Street. There are three separate bins for sorting recyclable material. One bin is for newspapers and inserts, magazines, brochures, office paper, junk mail, and envelopes. One bin is for aluminum cans, tin cans, and plastics #1 and #2 (please remove and do not recycle all lids). One bin is for corrugate cardboard, paper board such as cereal boxes, egg cartons, and brown paper bags (please no waxed cardboard or pizza boxes as they gum up the machinery). 

Other items may also be recycled and certain hazardous wastes accepted at the Flathead County Landfill on Highway 93 South (telephone: 758-5901). For additional recycling options, including home pick-up, call North Valley Refuse (telephone: 862-4381) or New World Recycling (telephone: 257-5899). 

Garbage containers are collected each Thursday morning in Suncrest by North Valley Refuse (telephone: 862-4381). The schedule during holidays may be different. To prevent problems with bears, garbage containers may be rolled out no earlier than 4:00am on pick-up day, and removed by 7:00pm the same day. Violators of this local ordinance will receive a ticket. 

Suncrest maintains a dumpster at the clubhouse as a convenience for our members to use if they are leaving town and will not be in Whitefish during the regular garbage pickup day (Thursday). Your beach access key is required to unlock the dumpster. If our container is full, it’s the homeowner’s renters’ responsibility to find another location to leave their garbage. The Flathead County Landfill is perhaps the best solution, as it’s extremely “user friendly” and it’s free to all of us. Also, large garbage containers called “green boxes” are located on Highway 93 North and north of Highway 2 in Columbia Falls. 

Flathead County Landfill Location: South of town (4.8Miles), off Highway 93 @County Landfill Rd., they are open 7 days a week from 8:00AM‐5:00PM.