Dues/Special Assessments

The annual dues are billed October 1 of each year. Payments are due December 1. Payments more than 30 days late are subject to a finance charge and a lien may be filed at the owner’s expense. The current annual dues are $1200 and there are no special assessments at this time. 

When building two dwellings on a single lot, a second set of annual dues is billed at the earlier of a legal filing establishing sub-lots or a mini-condominium association, or when two certificates of occupancy are issued even if the entire structure and lot remain under single ownership (pro rata for the balance of the year). 

Upon sale of your property, please alert the accountant and arrange for transfer of the key to the new owner. If you received an annual dues notice and are not the current owner, please immediately advise the accountant and supply the name and address of the new owner. The association only learns of property transfers from previous owners, new owners, title agencies and real estate agents; there is no automatic notification procedure.