Access to Common Areas and Facilities

1. Owners may invite guests to join them in use of the common areas and facilities. 

2. Guests are to be accompanied by owners at all times, or if temporarily separated (e.g. launching boat, etc.), the guests must remain in possession of the homeowner’s key as proof of accompaniment (See #5 below). 

3. Ownership held in the name of an entity other than an individual or couple may designate one officer or director of that entity and that person's family members in residence as authorized users and they may invite guests. Changes to a designation are reviewed and approved at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors. The first designation is free; thereafter the delegation cost below applies. 

4. Owners may by advance written notification submit names of family and other persons in residence for a period of 30 days or more, along with the related dates, to the Board of Directors. Authorized residents may invite guests to join them in use of the common areas and facilities. 

5. Keys must be shown to the Caretaker and Security upon request. Unauthorized persons are subject to arrest for trespassing. 

6. Owners are responsible for violations of the by-laws, covenants, conditions, restrictions, or rules by themselves, family, delegated persons, and guests Suncrest may suspend an owner’s voting rights and access to common areas and facilities due to a violation of the by-laws, covenants, conditions, restrictions, or rules and assess expenses including all costs of a lien in enforcement, repairs and or clean-up. 

7. Use of common areas and facilities is always on a non-exclusive basis. 

8. All persons using the common areas and facilities do so at their own risk. 


One key will open all locks, except for the clubhouse. Keys are stamped with the owner’s lot number to serve as owner identification and ease in returning found keys. The clubhouse uses an electronic keyless entry system to control and track those who enter the facility. Each owner has a unique keycode; contact the Caretaker (Landcastle) at 406-862-2435 or obtain your keycode. 

1. All owners receive one key without cost upon submitting the signed Access Form

2. To pay the additional costs of reproduction and administration expenses, duplicate and replacement keys cost $50.00 each. 

3. Upon selling property, owners are responsible to return key(s) to Suncrest or forward to the new owner(s) and alert Suncrest of this action. 


1. Owners may delegate use of the common areas and facilities to a child and his/her immediate family, or tenant (including tenant’s spouse and children in residence). A residency period of 30 days or more is required to be eligible for delegation. 

2. Delegations shall be on a calendar month basis and for at least one month, although delegations may be revoked at any time. 

3. During delegations, owners and their family relinquish all privileges to use common areas and facilities but may be guests of authorized users. 

4. A one-time delegation is at no cost through June 15; however, to pay the additional administrative expenses, further delegations cost $25.00 each. 

5. Owners complete the Access Form to delegate use of the common areas and facilities.