Suncrest Clubhouse

1. Clubhouse access is controlled and monitored by a keyless access system. Each homeowner is provided with a unique access code. Access codes will be issued only by email. Homeowners are responsible for requesting their access codes from the caretaker (Landcastle) at 

2. Homeowners who rent their home to long term renters may give renters their access code, but owners remain responsible for any damage or rule violation caused by their renters. 

3. Activities inside and outside the clubhouse are monitored by a video surveillance system. 

4. Suncrest owners may use the clubhouse anytime except when the clubhouse has been reserved for private functions. To reserve the clubhouse for exclusive use please contact the caretaker (Landcastle) at 406-862-2435. An advance cleaning and damage deposit of $250 will be required from the party making the reservation. Shortly after the date of use the deposit less any amount deducted for damage or cleaning will be returned to the depositor. 

5. The clubhouse is not to be used for any commercial purpose, nor is it to be used as a regularly scheduled meeting location for any organization. 

6. The clubhouse is a non-smoking facility. 

7. No pets of any kind are allowed in the clubhouse. 

8. Children under 18 years old are not permitted to use the clubhouse without adult supervision. 

9. The clubhouse may not be used for living quarters. 

10. Extreme care must be exercised when using the wood stove. Please be sure the damper is open before lighting a fire. 

11. Please leave the clubhouse in the same or better condition as upon arrival. The appliances should be left clean and the refrigerator empty. Please remove all garbage. 

12. Owners and guests assume all liability when using the clubhouse. Suncrest Homeowners Association assumes no liability for your use of the clubhouse. 

13. Prior to your departure from the clubhouse, please: a. Check all rooms including the bathrooms and confirm all fans and lights are turned off except the corner ceiling light nearest East Lakeshore Drive. Leave this light on. 

b. Close all windows. 

c. Set thermostat at H-60 and C-75. 

d. Lock all doors, including the front and sliding doors.