Suncrest Beach

1. The beach is a private facility for the use by the owners and their guests. 

2. Owners accompany guests at all times, or if temporarily separated (e.g. launching boat, etc.), the guests must remain in possession of the homeowner’s key as proof of accompaniment. See also Access to Common Areas and Facilities policies. 

3. Hours of operation 8:00am to 10:00pm. 

4. Vehicle unloading and loading only past the parking lot tree line. Violators are subject to being towed at their own expense. 

5. Gate is locked immediately after entering or leaving the parking lot. 

6. Dogs are allowed on the beach and unless in the water, are on leash. Please clean up after your dog. 

7. All trash should be taken home or placed in the dumpster near the clubhouse. 

8. Campfires are not permitted. 

9. Fireworks are not permitted at any time, including 4th of July. 

10. No loud music or other obnoxious behavior. 

11. No trespassing on neighboring properties. 

12. No lifeguards provided. Keep children under adult supervision. 

13. Dock for loading and unloading; no permanent moorage. 

14. Suncrest is allowed one mooring buoy by the city of Whitefish lake authorities. The Board of Directors has approved the following rules governing the use of the buoy. Any craft using the buoy in violation of these rules is subject to impoundment, and the owner of the craft is subject to fines and/or loss of privileges. 

 Use of mooring buoy is by appointment only. Please call or email our caretaker (Landcastle) at 406-862-2435 or 

 In order for all of our homeowners to have an equal opportunity to use our mooring buoy, only one reservation at a time can be made. Multiple reservations are not allowed. On the last day of your reservation you are allowed to schedule another reservation. 

 Reservations can be made for 1 day, up to 7 days. Reservations are from 8:00am to 12:00Midnight. You must remove your boat no later than midnight of the last day of your reservation. This allows the person reserving the buoy the next day to moor their boat at 8:00am. 

 While mooring your boat at night, the city of Whitefish requires that a mooring light be placed on your vessel that can be viewed for 360 degrees. Each person is responsible for their own mooring light. 

15. The shoreline is not suitable for launching/retrieving watercraft. 

16. No watercraft stored on shoreline. 

17. Owners and guests assume all liability when using the beach. 

18. Owners hosting a party with 15-50 owners/guests may do so by providing a list of the names to the Caretaker three days in advance. The beach is unable to support more than 50 persons at a time. Use of the beach is on a non-exclusive basis. 

19. Problems? Call Caretaker or Security.