Architectural Standards

What architectural standards are described in Suncrest’s Covenants, Conditions and Restrictons (CCRs)? 

The CCRs include minimum home construction standards (e.g. size, location, materials, exterior colors), signage, lighting, fencing, landscaping, parking, drainage, etc. Of course, the City of Whitefish has requirements as well such as building codes, permits, etc. 

How can I receive a copy of the CCRs? 

See the Flathead County Clerk/Recorder at 800 S. Main, Kalispell, 758-5526 for a current copy, or view the one on this website. 

Do I need advance approval to clear my lot before constructing a home or to clear some trees to improve my view? 

Yes (CCR Articles VI and VIII Section 11). Also, it is the policy of Suncrest that removing trees for view purposes is not permitted. 

Do I need to submit an application to store my boat on my lot? 

Yes and adequate visual screening must be described in your application (CCR Article VII Section 10). Owners may store boats, snow machines, etc. at the beach parking lot; don’t forget to get a sticker. 

Is there an application fee? 

No, although up to a $3,000 damage deposit must be included. The damage deposit assures that any damage to the roadways, etc. can be repaired promptly. If there is no damage upon completion of construction, the full deposit will be promptly refunded. 

How long does it take for a decision on an application? 

Decisions are made rather promptly (maximum of 45 days). 

May I comment on pending applications? 

Yes. A committee comprised of members of the Board of Directors implements the architectural standards. The remaining members of the Board of Directors hear appeals. An owner adversely impacted by a decision may appeal in writing to the Board of Directors within 10 days. Clearly identify the objectionable element(s), reasoning and requested relief (CCR Article IX). (September 13, 2005)